How to Win Friends and Influence People – Book Summary

How to win friends and influence people

Every human being wishes that their favourite person likes them or wants to be with them. People want to have many friends and they must have a positive image in everyone’s mind. But observations have proved that most people fail to do so. The reason behind failure could be not knowing the rules and principles that can help them build a personality that can help them influence people and win their hearts and earn respect to make new friends.

There are many books around the world that teach you to be more productive. Books about life, love, relationships, financial literacy, and many other topics. But the book that is much known about learning, about how can one win friends and earns respect and be the one everyone wants to be with. The book named How to win friends and influence people is exactly the book that teaches you how to win people’s hearts. The book teaches us the rules, principles, and strategies that are proven to help a person to influence others and be a better person socially.

The author of the book “How to win friends and influence people” is Dale Carnegie. If we talk about the self-help books this book is considered among the best books of all time and is one of the best-selling books of all time with more than 30 million copies sold.

There are five points that are discussed and are mentioned in the book How to win friends and influence people, which are given below.

Be a Good Listener

Anyone who wants to talk to someone would want that person to listen to him. Because this is how they would feel they are being given importance and would love to hang out with you. Because no one wants to be a person who keeps talking but does not have time to listen to others. If we look at the most successful people they are the best listeners because to answer someone you have to listen to what the other person is asking. By improving your listening skills you can attract people and make friends that want to be with you.

Encourage Others

Try appreciating others as this will help boost their confidence. There are two kinds of encouragement and appreciation one is a genuine appreciation with heart and the other is flattery that won’t change anything and people might feel you are just faking that appreciation. There are very fewer people that appreciate others these days and they don’t know the importance of how can this impact them as they feel more confident.


Make sure you always maintain a smile

Dale Carnegie the author of the book emphasizes on keep smiling. He says whatsoever the work you do make sure you maintain a smile. As this improves your personality. It shows you are confident and shows your personality becomes more likeable to others. Eventually, this could assist in increasing your chances to succeed in life. A decent smile that is free of any kind of cheapness, should be a decent smile and is what has required it’s not like your smile in situations where it is never needed but a smile in times when it could help is going to help boost your confidence.

Don’t Criticize, Complain or Condemn

Most people these days don’t want to accept their mistakes. Even when they know they are the ones who are done the wrong thing they rarely accept their mistake. When someone criticizes them or tells them about their mistake and condemns it they are furious even when they are wrong.

Dane Carnegie in his book has told the same thing. As he says that never criticize or condemn or complain about others all the time. Because if you are looking to influence people and at the same time you criticize others, complaining about them is definitely going to leave a negative impact on them. As a result, they will eventually avoid you instead of being with you. So avoid criticizing others. In fact, tell them gently about their mistakes in a positive way if needed.

Remember People’s Names

The last important thing is to remember the name of people. The logic behind this point is whenever you call someone with their name or full name Ali, Ahmed, Shahzad, or whatever the name is when you call them by your name is the sweetest sound they feel to hear. Because this helps create engagement and good vibes that make your conversation more interesting for them as Dale Carnegie thinks this is one way to influence others and win their hearts.

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