How to Get Rid of Internet Addiction?

Get rid of Internet Addiction

The Internet is said to be one of the best human inventions. As it provides so many benefits be it chatting with anyone on social media, watching beautiful videos, learning some new skills, helping in completing your homework, solving riddles, or playing games for earning passive income and tons of other things to do on the internet. It is an endless world full of never-ending content.

But sometimes you end up using it most of the time every day. Like it becomes irresistible to check your phone, again and again, just to see if there is a new notification there for you on your social media accounts or logging in to your different social media accounts again and again if these sorts of things happen then possibilities are its an internet addiction.

What is Internet Addiction?       

Internet addiction is a condition when you keep on using the internet all the time. or it’s not under your control to stop yourself from using it. Addiction is also linked to logging into social media, texting, browsing, and so on. Experts say it’s the same as drug addiction because it puts a negative effect on your mental, and physical health, your social life, your concentration on work, and decline in performance everything is ruined by this addiction just like the drugs do, they destroy your life.

Statistics have shown that internet-addicted people around the world are increasing day by day. As even young teenagers remain online most of the time a day, which means internet addiction has become common around the world. If anyone is facing this suffering should look for the solutions as it is not a good thing for their life.

How to get rid of Internet Addiction?

Some of the solutions to overcome internet addiction are given below. These can assist to reduce the addiction or eventually overcome it.

Go Offline instead of Online

As simple as that instead of being on the internet all day which tells you you are online. Do something offline go outside, enjoy doing things outside the internet enjoy the real life that is waiting for you, spend time with your friends and family, do what you love to do it could be anything you love, Feb it drawing, playing a physical sport, walking, cycling, prayers anything you like to do. This will help you remain more offline instead of online.


Make a Routine

If you never had a proper routine earlier in life, make sure you have one now as it is an organized way of living life. Managing your properly doing things on their specified time will make your life simple and easier. Internet is not a bad thing at all but it needs to be used within limits. Because there is a life outside the internet that is more important. Making a routine and following it will allow you to leave some time in a day for the internet. When you surf the internet for that limited time. The most important, do other stuff with those desired times according to your routine.

Make yourself busy with other activities

If you want to get rid of internet addiction then what is the best thing to do? Make yourself busy so you are left with less time to even think of using the internet. Yes, try engaging yourself in other activities. Make yourself busy as it will leave less leisure time for you to use the internet. Finally, do other things this could act as a distraction. It could be anything, like going to a gym, going to the library, reading a newspaper, buying groceries, etc.


Therapy is also suggested as a remedy to use as a treatment for internet-addicted individuals. Some known therapies which are common for the treatment of internet-addicted people are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Group Therapy.

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