Facebook soon to look like TikTok reveals an internal memo

Facebook to look like TikTok

Facebook to look like TikTok, Meta does not seem to be stopping at just Reels which it started to compete with the Chinese short-video sharing application, TikTok. Well, now Meta is not even having a break at Instagram, Meta is set to bring Facebook to battle with TikTok, as some big and unprecedented changes are about to come to catch up with the Chinese application, TikTok.

Mark Zuckerberg has already claimed that the top priority of Meta is to beat and move ahead of TikTok. The Verge made the claim, after they obtain an internal memo, Facebook now looks to make some big changes as far as the competition against the TikTok is concern, these changes are being made.

Facebook to look like TikTok says an internal memo

According to The Verge, Tom Alison, who is the VP of Facebook at Meta address an internal memo to the Facebook employees, in which it described as Facebook will show posts and content of people regardless of whether the user is connect as a follower or not. In simple words the employees are given a new directive according to the internal memo which is to make the application’s feed more like that of TikTok. As in TikTok which uses artificial intelligence that puts videos in front of the users, which could be from anyone either they are their followers or not it’s recommend by the AI of TikTok. Facebook wants to make some similar feed for its users in the future.


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The Verge has stated that the Meta have been monitoring TikTok and were concerned about it as according to them Facebook was not doing enough to compete in the race against the Chinese short-video-sharing application TikTok, therefore it seemed to be growing and becoming more popular among the young users.

It seems like the executives at Facebook are to bring new feed to its users. If this happens the user will be flood with more and more Reels, however on their Facebook feed even from those who they don’t even follow just the way it is like “For You” section in TikTok where you get to watch recommend videos that are brought in front of you by AI in TikTok.


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