The Cheapest Electric Car in Pakistan

The Cheapest Electric Car in Pakistan

Rinco Aria is the cheapest electric car in Pakistan.

Rinco Aria has extraordinary potential in Pakistan’s EV market as it accompanies many features and modern-day innovation alongside a reasonable cost range.

The car gets 17 kWh lithium battery which allows for a maximum driving range of up to 200 km. It has two drive modes; one is called the Eco mode.

It has the range of 200 kilometers on a single charge, however it takes 6 to 7 hours to fully charged.

The Car’s top speed is limit to 60 kilometers per hour, while under the sport-driving mood, the maximum speed goes up to 100 kilometers per hour.

This car is really very affordable in nowadays because of the price hike in petrol/diesel.

It is a small electric vehicle which has been introduced by a company called Nayyar Motors.

Rinco Aria Price in Pakistan

The Price of the car is Rs 24.0 lac and can be book with the amount of Rs 12.0 lac.


The Company will launch this vehicle in Pakistan in the month of August, however there many other assemble vehicles exist in Pakistan.

Chinese vehicle making principles to have been work on over these years therefore, the quality of the car is very impressive, not because it’s an American product.

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Features of Rinco Aria


keyless entry

power windows

reversing camera

parking sensors

digital instrument cluster

smart infotainment system


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