PM Pakistan distributed 1500 houses among blue-collar workers

Naya Pakistan housing scheme for blue collar workers by Imran Khan

PM Pakistan, Imran Khan, announced to hand over the keys of 1500 houses to the blue-collar workers who were eligible for the Naya Pakistan housing scheme. The houses were distributed on lucky-draw selection bases. Prime Minister Imran Khan himself started a few random draw-papers and announced their names before the media.

Murad Saeed, Minister for communication and postal services, first indicated that Prime Minister will fulfil his promises and will announce the shelters to the blue-collar worker residents of Pakistan under the Naya Pakistan housing scheme. And these 1500 houses is just the start of a progressive mission.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan announced these houses under the Workers Welfare Fund (WWF) program to the blue-collar and labour-class of the country. Under the program, 1500 houses, which included 1000 flats and 500 houses is an initial phase of the mission to provide shelters and residencies to those who are left behind by the previous governments and elites.

Murad Saeed also told that the Naya Pakistan housing scheme

is one of the dreams come true for Prime Minister Imran Khan. As it is his self-believe to implement the Islamic laws and principle in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. And that’s the reason, Prime Minister Imran Khan has often seen talking about the Riasat-e-Madina (An State based on justice and equality).

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This is the first time, a government has issued houses on the bases of the mortgage loan. Moreover, these houses are also been subsided to make sure new owners of these houses must not bear too much burden of returning loans.

Because of the limited availability of the finished houses, priority was given to the applicants who were disabled workers or widows of the blue-collar workers. Minister for communication and postal services, Murad Saeed, also told that Prime Minister will also lay the foundation stone of 1500 flats today as well. These flats will also be distributed on merit as well after their completion.


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