I need 100k worth of books in Haq Mehr – Naila Shamal

Naila Shamal demanded books in her haq mehr

Mardan, Pakistan (Gofrixty News Desk / Pakistan News | 16th March 2021) | Naila Shamal, a writer, from Mardan (KP, Pakistan) demanded 100k worth in the Haq Mehr. She disclosed the news in her recent V-log in which she told that she and her husband both are writers and book lovers. So, looking at the circumstances and inflation in the country, she decided to choose books instead of Gold, silver, and materialistic things in the Haq Mehr.

Traditionally, women in Pakistan demands Gold and some precious wedding gifts. But, Naila’s mind didn’t accept being attracted by these materialistic things. Instead, she demanded the books as her wedding gifts.

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Both, the recently married couple, are writers. Naila revealed that in these hard times for the country, there is too much inflation and price hikes. So, looking at the circumstances, she preferred not to spending too much amount on some materialistic stuff instead she demanded the books.

She further told that people must also need to love books. And she set this example by saying that if writers themselves don’t read many books then how they can inspire others to opt for the same hobby as well.


On Twitter, many celebrities and writers have encouraged Nail’s idea of demanding books in her Haq Mehr. Hamid Mir (Journalist) wrote that Naila’s husband is a very lucky person as his wife is a knowledge lover, instead of money. He further wished the newly married couple a prosperous and happy married life.

The idea and mindset of Naila are also highly appreciated because she wanted to eradicate some of the wrong traditions from Pakistani society. She wanted to eradicate the mindset of common people towards materialistic things and she wanted to divert it towards some real things. And she started this trend by setting an example in her own life.

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