PM Pakistan, Imran Khan, firmly backed his promises

PM Imran Khan senate election congratulation to sanjrani and afridi

Islamabad, Pakistan (Gofrixty News Desk / Pakistan News | 13th March 2021) | PM Pakistan, Imran Khan, congratulated Sadiq Sanjrani and Mirza Muhammad Afridi on winning the Senate elections. Sanjrani has been reelected as chairman senate whereas Afridi has been elected as deputy chairman of the upper house of Pakistan.

In a recent tweet, PM Pakistan, Imran Khan, congratulated both the candidates and wrote that both the candidates belong to two of the marginalized areas of Pakistan (Balochistan and Ex Fata respectively). It is also in the policies of the ruling party to encourage and support people who have been marginalized for so long to bring them in line with the mainstream of the country.

PM Pakistan Imran Khan recent tweeter statement

Sadiq Sanjrani, who belongs to the Balochistan province, has been re-elected as he was also a senate chairman in the previous tenure as well. Sanjrani’s winning has been celebrated all across the country as this means winning an ideology for the majority of the people in the country. Sajnrani was opposed by the Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani of Pakistan People Party (PPP). Who took 42 votes and Sanjrani had the support of 48 senators. That makes this winning with a high margin of at least 6 votes.


Mr Gilani was backed by Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM). Pakistan’s two leading political parties (PPP & PML-N) are part of the PDM, despite that they lost the election. In a game number, it was clear that PDM’s backed candidate will win the election as they had the support of 52 senators, whereas, Sanjrani had the support of 48 senators. But, things didn’t go in the favour of PDM.

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Mirza Muhammad Afridi belongs to Ex-FATA territory, which is also the second most marginalized area of Pakistan for decades. Afridi is Pakistan’s one of billionaires and was backed by the government ruling party of Pakistan (PTI). Afridi secure 54 votes and he was contesting against a senate member of JUI’s (PDM’s coalition) party, Maulana Abdul Gafoor Haidri.

PM Imran Khan said in his tweet that supporting Baluchistan and Ex-FATA areas means that we need to bring everyone together. Earlier, Imran Khan supported Usman Buzdar as CM of Punjab who was also from the marginalized areas of the province. The whole concept of PM Imran Khan’s ideology behind supporting these people is to mainstream those parts of Pakistan that have been marginalized or left behind in the past.

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