US-Taliban Deal; Taliban Vow To Restore Islamic Rule

US-Taliban deal

After US-Taliban deal, Taliban stands firm on their stance of demanding Islamic rule in Afghanistan after US withdrawal. But United States, China, Russia, and Pakistan said, “they did not support the restoration of Islamic Emirate.”

Moscow: On Friday, the Taliban warned US and promised “reaction”, if they go against the agreement of exit of US and NATO troops from Afghanistan before May 1.

The Taliban has given the warning in the press conference in Moscow, a day after meeting with the Afghan government negotiators and international observers, to speed-up the negotiating process.

The Biden administration said that, they are reviewing the agreement between the Afghan Taliban and previous US government. In an interview with ABC on Wednesday, the Joe Biden said that, the May 1 deadline could happen, but it is tough. If extended, it would be by “a lot longer.”

A member of Taliban negotiation team, Suhail Shaheen told reporters, “they should go,” staying after May 1 will breach a deal.

“After that, it will be a kind of violation of the agreement. That violation would not be from our side … Their violation will have a reaction.”

The Taliban did not specified that what will be the “reaction” if the US withdrawal extends beyond May 1.

After US-Taliban deal signed in February, 2020, the Taliban kept the agreement and have not attacked the US and NATO troops, though the killings of Afghan security forces and civilians have spiked in a recent past.

Shaheen said, “We hope that this will not happen and they withdraw. So we focus on the peaceful settlement of the Afghan issue, in order to bring about a lasting and complete ceasefire at the end of reaching to a political roadmap [for] Afghanistan,” 

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Security Situation

In Afghanistan, major urban areas are under worse security conditions, as many of the attacks have taken place on the politicians, academics, civil servants, journalists, and civil rights activists.

Meanwhile, President Ashraf Ghani, in a surprise announcement, dismissed the two leading ministers because of the faltering security in the country.

The President has replaced the Asadullah Khalid, who is facing health issues, and gave the additional charge of Defence Minister to General Muhammad Yasin Zia, army chief of staff.

Furthermore, to improve the security condition of the country, Hayatullah Hayat will takeover the Ministry of Interior replacing Masoud Andarabi.

Islamic Government

The Taliban spokesperson, Mohammad Naeem said on Friday that it would be the decision of the people of Afghan to decide, either they want Islamic state or not.

Whereas, the Taliban have been pushed back by the major regional powers. United States, Russia, China, and Pakistan have said on Thursday that they did not support the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan.

Mohammad Naeem further said, “what is stated in the declaration is against all principles and is not acceptable.”

Shaheen emphasised that the Taliban were firm in the US-Taliban deal that they would implement the Islamic state system in Afghanistan and will not backdown by their demand. However, he did not specify that how the Islamic state will look like.

He said, the government of Ashraf Ghani would not fit their definition of Islamic government, without clarifying that will they accept elections or not.

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