What happened on 23 March in Pakistan

Pakistan Resolution Day also known as Republic Day, is a national holiday in Pakistan commemorating the Lahore Resolution passed on 23rd March 1940 and the adoption of first constitution of Pakistan. It was the day of hope and determination of thousands of Muslims of the subcontinent.

On this day, the head of All India Muslim League Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah passed a resolution for the creation of separate nation for the Muslim majority in British India.

The Constitution was enforced with effect from 23rd March 1956, which was the 2nd Constitution, under this Constitution, Pakistan became as Islamic Republic and after that 23rd March became our Republic Day. The resolution opens the way for the creation of Pakistan on 14 August 1947, when Pakistan became the first Islamic Republic.

How we celebrate 23rd march in Pakistan

23rd March is celebrated with early morning military and civilian parades in Islamabad with salutes. The national flags were attached to walls of government buildings, offices and many buildings were decorated with lights.

The Pakistan armed forces usually hold a military parade to celebrate the day, The Contingents of Pakistan Army, Navy and Air Force participate in the parade. It is overseen by the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan

Government offices, banks, educational institutions and businesses were always closed on that day

23rd March Pakistan

March is very important month in the history of Pakistan.In this month, 23rd

march is the day on which the agreement for the liberation from British was approved. After the 23rd march resolution, the struggle for the establishment of Pakistan would have entered a decisive phase.

After the World War 2, the Muslims of India were united under the banner of Muslim league. In 1945, viceroy Lord Wavell, Assessing the power of the Muslim league and the demands of Pakistan the elections were held and the Muslim won a historic victory.

This is how the Muslim league emerged as the representative party of the Muslims and in this way the destination of establishment of Pakistan became closer and closer. The partition of India was declared on June 3, On the day 14 august 1947, the country appeared on the world map as the voice of the hearts of Muslims.

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Every year on March 23, the people of Pakistan are reminded of the spirit that formed the basis of the establishment of Pakistan.

In Lahore 23rd march 1940, under the leadership of Quaid e Azam the resolution were passed, that a separate country should be created for the Muslims of India so that Muslims can live their lives according to their religion


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