The New World Order

New World Order

It is evident from the current scenario that ‘New World Order’ is not far away from reality. The new world order means the dramatic change in thoughts and power in international arena. New alliances, emerging wars, and political differences make room for the new alliances. From the last 3 decades, after the dissolution of Soviet Union, United States of America remained the only super power that dominates the world. But by the emergence of China, it seems like future is for Bipolar World. In fact, it may reach to multipolar world in coming few decades, with the emergence of India and Russia.

A Thread to America

United States of America is losing its dominance in the international community. It can no longer call the shots. The demand and need for independent foreign policy are now known by people as well as local establishments. America, though still is an economical power, but the growth of Chinese and Indian economy is creating threats already.

The Power Game

Washington is trying to cater China by engaging it with India at the borders. If the war erupts, the only beneficiary would be America, as the both emerging economic powers will destroy one another. Furthermore, America and China are continents a part, Pakistan, on other side, is friends with China. Moreover, Russia and China are hoping to develop a new economic and military block together apparently against America. This leaves America with only one possible choice to alliance with i.e., India.

European Union, UK, and Australia the most advanced, sophisticated and peaceful continents on the Earth, are in support of United States of America, especially in the Ukraine’s crisis.

Ukraine – Russia Conflict

Ukraine-Russia war has cleared further about the new world order, who sides with Russia and who sides with Ukraine. In fact, it won’t be wrong in saying that, who sides with America/Europe and who sides with Russia/China. Although China does not sides with anyone, because America and Europe are bigger economic markets and the developmental hubs of the world. Right now, no country would like to go against them. Those who even can’t go against Russia, are calling it as Russia’s internal matter, Like China, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia. Though, these countries have called for the peaceful resolution of the conflict.


President of Russia, Vladimir Putin is fighting for the security of Russia, as President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy wanted to be the part of NATO alliance. If it would have happened, Russia’s security may could have gone at risk. America could then possibly install the Radars, Surveillance, and defense systems in the territory of Ukraine, right at the borders of Russia. And it obviously does not suit Russia.

The World Politics

The current political situation in the world is another step towards the formation of The New World Order. The Asia (specifically China in East Asia, Russia in Northern Asia, India in South Asia) looks like the new super power of the world, may be in 1 or 2 decades.

If the balance of power shifts towards the Asia, as it seems, we can predict that India would be a part of this ‘New World Order’ and not USA. Because in recent conflict with Russia, India have not taken any stance against or with America. The neutrality tells the world that in future – if need be – India would prefer its personal benefit not the influence of the West.

The New World Order is on the Cards!


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