Tuberculosis in Pakistan and its impact on an individual’s life

Tuberculosis in Pakistan TB patient

A comprehensive Report | Tuberculosis in Pakistan | Despite treatment, the disease is causing a lot of deaths not only in Pakistan but all over the world. About 500,000 people in Pakistan fall victim to this disease every year and there are many reasons for this. I’m amazed that so many patients are still being mistreated when a single TB patient comes to a home, his or her family members and other people start to shy hatred away from them.

Most parts of the country do not have a good medicine supply system. Poverty and other conditions are also reasons why people can’t get tested.

Sometimes family members become aware of the symptoms but still, people try to hide the disease out of social fear.

The disease is most prevalent in people living in backward areas where poverty, hunger, polluted environment and lack of basic health facilities are found. Tuberculosis or TB is more common in people with weakened immune systems. Unfortunately, no country in the world has been able to eradicate this deadly disease.

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The world Health organization is committed to eradicating this deadly disease worldwide by the end of this year. In this regard, a number of initiatives have been taken globally, including the provision of TB drugs, public awareness programs, special funding and guidance to developing countries for the prevention and treatment of the disease.

Because the corona and tuberculosis viruses attack the human lungs, the symptoms of both diseases are similar. Tuberculosis is no longer an incurable disease, there is a care that can save the patient from dying, but no care for coronavirus has yet been discovered.


However, after successful experiments, the vaccine has been developed and the process of vaccinating the coronavirus around the world has begun.

Since both corona and tuberculosis attack the lungs, some health experts have also experimented with corona vaccine on tuberculosis patients, with encouraging results.

Despite the provision of TB treatment tests and free medicines in Pakistan, Many TB patients do not seek treatment or are unable to complete their course, resulting in the loss of their lives. Therefore, if a person suffers from a persistent fever, loss of cough for three to four weeks, loss of appetite and weight loss, he should undergo a medical examination immediately to find out if he has coronary heart disease or tuberculosis.

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Tuberculosis is now a completely treatable disease, but it requires early treatment. In case of delayed or incomplete treatment, the TB germ can destroy the human lungs as well as spread to other parts of the body and cause death. Patients with tuberculosis are more likely to develop coronary heart disease than normal humans, so it is now imperative to eradicate tuberculosis.

To make Pakistan a tuberculosis free country, the people suffering from this disease should show responsibility and focus on their treatment.

A Comprehensive | March 24, 2021, |TB World Tuberculosis Day | Tuberculosis in Pakistan | Organized By Dr Wajid Hussain Bhutto at Jacobabad Institute of Medical Sciences JIMS conference Hall.


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