A Short Fiction Story – Heer’s mistakes are never bigger than ALLAH’s mercy

Heer a short fiction story

Heer was sitting alone in the backyard of her home in a small village of Khairpur Mir’s Sindh. She was playing with her little dolls and looked that she was talking to someone in a very peaceful manner. Yes, it was her noble habit that she used to talk to ALLAH Almighty while playing with her dolls and express ALLAH Almighty all her feelings and it looked that she even shares her stories with ALLAH Almighty.

Heer’s family was quite religious and well educated as well. They were having a farmhouse back in their village. Occasionally they visit their farmhouse to have a family get-to-gather and to relax from the outrageous routine work of their daily life.

Heer was an 11 years old Muslim girl. She was a little shy to go out and play with other kids. Wherever she goes with her family, she tries to spend most of her time alone with her dolls and only talking to ALLAH Almighty secretly.

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The whole family was having a very good time until Heer’s father received a letter from the foreign office that he is going to be transferred to France for a diplomatic reason. Though it was good news for the family, Heer didn’t look happy with the transfer. Because she thought that her father will leave for months and even years. But, anyhow, things were managed and Heer’s father left for France with a new assignment.

After a year, Heer’s father managed to call his wife and daughter in France as well. It looked that they have planned to live their next 15 to 20 years in France. Heer was really happy about moving to a new place. Because she thought she might make some other friends out there as well.

It was the time when Heer turned 12 and she along with her mother and father shifted to Pairs. She continued her education and soon have changed her lifestyle as well. When she grows she stop sharing her problems with Allah Pak. And she even stopped talking with Allah Pak.

Slowly and gradually, she left all the things which she used to do in her childhood. As she has now adopted a western lifestyle. She has forgotten all things from her mind which have created a stronger connection of her with Allah Almighty.

With time, she started adopting deviant behaviour which is even prohibited in Islam as well. She started smoking and drinking alcohol. Heer also started regularly going to the clubs with her friends. She started doing all the stuff which is against the teaching of Islam, which meant she had forgotten the teachings of religion Islam. And in the name of freedom of expression and freedom of living a life, she involved herself in whatever she wanted to in her elderly life.

Over time, Heer’s mother and father were passed away in a car accident. They have only one child, Heer. And she didn’t want to return to Pakistan anymore.

To sustain the same lifestyle, she needed the same liberty and bulk access to the money and materialistic stuff. So, she then started involving herself in doing crime. She met with some local street criminals as well. So she completely involved in crimes, like snatching, robbery, and other Illegal works.

Because of Heer’s involvement in criminal activities, she was put in jail. After spending some time in jail she met with the innocent Christian girl named Margrethe (who was innocent but in jail due to the false allegations).


Margrethe used to cry every night and apologizes to God for the mistakes she had committed. One night Heer asked Margrethe that why she was crying and apologizing if she has not committed any crime?

Margrethe answered: Yes, I have not committed the crime for which I am jailed, but I might have somehow committed mistakes so that God has sent me here. I am crying so that God must forgive me for any crime that I have committed in my life so that God must not punish me after my death.

That words of that innocent Margrethe touched Heer’s heart. She then started thinking about her crimes and deeds and was thinking of the reality that this life is temporary the real-life will start after death. she started realizing her past and the crimes that she has committed.

From that point, Heer moved to the Sirat-e-Mustaqeem towards Allah Pak once again. She started apologizing for her mistakes. She started prayers which she left forgotten after shifting to Pairs. She started crying every time and she thought that what will be going to happen to her after death. Because she of the very bad past and the things she did after adopting the western lifestyle.

After completing her time in jail, Heer was released. But still, she was thinking about her crimes and crying every time and apologizing to Allah Almighty for the crimes she had committed.

One night, after lots of crying, Heer went into a deep sleep and she saw herself in the darkroom. After some time the light came into that dark room.

The light asked: Why are you so upset? Why are you crying?

Heer: I am responsible for so many crimes and prohibited doings. So that’s why I am upset and crying that what will be going to happen to me after my death?

The light: So, what do you think will going to happen you?

Heer: I am going to be punished. I will be burned in the fire of hell.

The light: Do you recognize your childhood time? When you used to share your problem with Allah Pak, what do you think Allah Pak will do with you?

Heer: If you’re are talking about Allah Pak whom I was talking to in my childhood that Allah Pak is very kind-hearted he can’t do all that things with me.

Then light answered: Yes, Allah Pak is Gafoor-ur-Raheem. He forgives the crimes when every time you ask his mercy. He is Lord of the lords and King of the kings.

Heer wake-up very happy and she started praying for mercy from Allah Almighty. She then returned to Allah Pak and she started living a very peaceful life once again. Surely, the life which we are living in the way of Allah Pak that life has a sense of real peace.

The moral of this story is that we all commit some mistakes in our life. Sometimes we can’t accept and regret it. Which is not a good thing. We need to apologize for all the mistakes from ALLAH Almighty. Allah Pak is Gafoor-ur-Rahim and he will forgive our mistake because our mistakes are never bigger than his mercy.

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