Tesla Model X Price and Features

Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X is the most expensive Tesla that is available now. It starts with $105,000.

The Tesla company is known for building electric cars and solar panels in all over the world, however they are producing, Tesla Model X, Tesla Model S, Tesla Model 3 and Roadster.

Tesla battery lasts between 300,000 to 500,000 miles, which is impressive according to the new innovation rising in the automotive industry.

The Tesla is considered luxury car but technically, Tesla is better than most cars.

Tesla believes that, its main focus is on driving, no stalks, no shifting.

There are only two Tesla Model in Pakistan, Tesla Model 2016-2017, however both are most popular than other models.

The Tesla Model X is a 5-seater electric vehicle in Pakistan, therefore it produced 1020 horsepower which is very impressive.


A single-speed automatic transmission comes standard on the Electric vehicle. It has all-wheel-drive engine.

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Tesla Model X Features

Anti-Lock braking

Vehicle stability control system

Engine immobilizer

Crash Sensor

Hands-free Liftgate

Universal garage door opener

Tri-zone temperature controls

Ventilated front seats

Auto-pilot driving mode

Bioweapon defense mode

Air Suspension


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