Interesting Facts and Review of Suzuki Hayabusa

Interesting Facts and Review of Suzuki Hayabusa

Suzuki Hayabusa is a heavy bike or sports bike manufactured by Japanese Suzuki motors.

Suzuki started making Hayabusa since 1999. However, this is a very famous motorbike from 1999 till today in many countries.

The design and the aerodynamics look of this bike is not comparable with any other sports bike.

The bicycle is totally muscular and has a stunning representative amazing and astonishing body design.

It is obviously that the Hayabusa can without much of a stretch can win the hearts of fans in its first look.

Fuel tank capacity of Suzuki Hayabusa is 20 liters, which is quite impressive. Therefore, the size of the bike is much bigger than many other motorbikes.

Suzuki Hayabusa Engine Can be installed in Cars as well

It was the first ever bike whose engine can be installed in cars as well.

Suzuki once tested its engine in cars and it was succeeded but its production did not start.

This motorcycle has gained a lot of popularity among every person. Therefore, It makes people look back at it again and again.

Suzuki Hayabusa Price in Pakistan

The price of Suzuki Hayabusa in Pakistan is quite different. Moreover, Prices vary according to the specs of the motorbike.

Price of Suzuki Hayabusa ranges from 20 lacs to 80 lacs in Pakistan.


Suzuki Hayabusa Engine

It comes with four-stroke powerful engine, with liquid cooled DOHC, in-line four 1340cc engine with 6-speed gear transmission. however it makes this bike more faster.

Hayabusa’s dimensions are 2,180 mm x 735 mm x 1,165 mm, with ground clearance of 125 mm.

It is considered one of the fastest bikes in the world, with top speed of 300 to 340 km/h.

Weight of Suzuki Hayabusa

The bike comes with a weight of 265kg. The weight of the Hayabusa gives the rider stability or control on bike and keeps the bike solidly established on roads.

The bicycle’s plan and seating are agreeable for extended rides, and it flaunts amazing dealing with functions.

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Hayabusa 2022 Features

  • Superbike-caliber
  • Twin-spar
  • Aluminum frame
  • Fully adjustable supplied suspension
  • Iridium spark plugs
  • SCAS system
  • Electric start
  • Physical Vapor Deposition System
  • Suzuki dual throttle valve
  • Drive mode selector
  • Lightweight and high-performance ABS rear brakes

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  2. […] Interesting Facts and Review of Suzuki Hayabusa […]

  3. […] Interesting Facts and Review of Suzuki Hayabusa […]

  4. […] Interesting Facts and Review of Suzuki Hayabusa […]

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