Stress, anxiety, & depression – The most common outcomes of COVID19

A girl sitting stressed in depression and anxiety the outcomes of COVID 19

A viral disease spread like fire in the forests. Once it touches a single plant, it extinguishes the whole woods within a few minutes. whereas, everything has an ultimate outcome. So as COVID19. The most common outcomes of COVID19 that will be discussed in this article include depression, anxiety, and stress.

Since December 2019, a large number of human society has gone under the same kind of combustion, called “The COVID – 19“. This disease is more related to the acute respiratory syndrome SARS – COVID- 19; causing a serious infection of the lungs through the door immune system.

The pandemic has been declared as highly infections & fatal in nature, by WHO (World Health Organization) on March 11, 2020. The report regarded it as “the global virus “, as the pandemic infected more than one billion population & caused almost 5.3 million casualties throughout the world.

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Undoubtedly, the current alarming health concern has increased the level of fear of losing one’s own life & loved one’s breaths as the result of viral lungs infection. Therefore, everyone on this planet looks so cautious of the problem.

Each one here is deeply devoted to one’s relatives & does not wish to end their lives in a trap of this disease. They become mentally sensitive & too thoughtful to save themselves along with their family and extended family members, and dear ones from the COVID -19. To that extent these individuals unconsciously make themselves victims of another health issue which is even bigger than the COVID19 known stress, anxiety, and depression.

Facts & Figures

Lancet study classifies that anxiety is becoming more common than the disease itself.  Furthermore, it claims that the majority of depressed patients are women & children. As per evidence, students are making more visits to the hospitals than going to schools on daily basis.

A recent report published by the Indian charity organization “Mukhta Foundation” reveals that nearly 5,000 people complained about an unnecessary headache. statistically, 65 percent of them are diagnosed with symptoms of anxiousness having a maximum number of female dups.

To Wrap-up

According to the above demonstration, it is a need for time to avoid the dispersing of depression. Practically, there should be a team of experts to make people mindful of the impacts of overthinking on their mental ability. Another solution could be, initiating a social media campaign on the direct relationship between pandemic & anxiety, that everyone should be able to take safety measures to curb the outspread of both diseases.


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