Effects of diversity in Workplace/Campus

God has made and grouped people into various structures, colors, shapes, sizes and gender. We are divided into various parts like races, identities, religions, nationalities and further into many little gatherings like castes.

We can find diversity in humans anywhere around us be it our homes, schools or offices. But the scale of diversity we get to experience in educational institutions or offices is usually bigger than the diversity we can see in our homes or neighborhoods since people from all backgrounds, religions or ethnicities can be found there.

Culture diversity in workplace

Culture based diversity is what we experience the most in workplaces and institutes. People from all the regions of the country can be seen. In a universities people from all the provinces with different backgrounds and different culture origin come and get education.

I have seen people from Punjab, KP, Balochistan, Sindh, Gilgit Baltistan and Kashmir. Even people from communities like Hazara community of Quetta, Sheedi, Gujrati and Marathi communities of Sindh. People from Chitral are also seen studying here which is a good sign of culture harmony among all the communities of Pakistan.


Educational diversity

NUML offers a big list of courses for people of various educational backgrounds. We find people who have joined different courses like English, Urdu, Mass Communication, Economics, Psychology and many others.

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It is easier to communicate with people we are familiar with or have an understanding of their culture and background. For instance, I don’t face any problem while communicating with my Muslim friends.

Gender Diversity

We find both males and females getting education at University level which is obvious since they offers courses for both the genders. We see both men and women studying side by side which is a sign of mutual harmony and cooperation of the students.


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