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consumer buying behaviour collaborative activity

Consumer buying behaviour | Products! Whether it is a book, DVD, a video game, clothes, furniture, food & drinks and even a car, these products are more than just material possessions or tools we own but rather is an extension of self. They are what identifies me and others, who I am, who I want to be and where I belong.

Marketing professionals, therefore, endeavour to better their chances by creating and advertising products that contribute to one’s unique identity. For this reason, the study of consumer behaviour is important to companies. Companies want to know what consumers buy, where they buy and most importantly why they buy. (Kotler et al 2017, p.158 – Principles of Marketing)

According to Kohler et al. 2017, p.159 there are four factors that in fact influence consumer behaviour. These are:

  1. Cultural
  2. Social
  3. Personal
  4. Psychological

Recently I purchased a six-pack of Lucozade bottles. The advertisement made for the product was the motivating factor for me to make such a purchase. Lucozade produced a short film entitled “Made to Move” which showcases the current heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua’s humble beginnings and life-changing past.

In relation to my purchase of the Lucozade bottles, the personal factor which Kotler highlighted is what affected my buying behaviour prominently. Why? Simply because of brand personality. (Kotler p. et al. 2017, p.169) Lucozade brand personality was shown in that short film, those personalities being sincerity and competence. (Aaker et al. 1997, p.348) Further to explain the antecedents of brand personality, Aaker makes It clear that personality traits come to be associated with a brand in a direct way by the people associated with the brand”.   Hence because of this Lucozade marketing, I was able to gain the hardworking, sincere and competent personality trait of Anthony Joshua and transfer that directly to the brand.


This perfectly ties in with my opening statement of identity. The fact that I saw Anthony Joshua’s personality displayed in the product, motivated me to purchase the product because I saw my identity reflected. This ideology is what many marketers use – a person’s self-image (Kotler et al. 2017, p. 169) of “we are what we consume”.

For this very reason, I believe that the personal factor is also supported by the psychological factor and the two are not in conflict as our sense of identity/self-image comes with the products we possess and is built on a number of things but in particular our belief and attitude (Kotler et al. 2017, p.174).

The belief I have in terms of competence and sincerity and hard work that I carry as an emotional charge is what helps transfigure my behaviour and attitude as a consumer to buy Lucozade as the brand image reflects my own image. This is called an attitude object (A..) (Solomon et al. 2016, p. 283).

With this in mind, Lucozade has thus been able to develop a marketing strategy, with culture in mind by focusing simply on marketing segmentation. (Fahy and Jobber 2015, p.118).


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One Thought to “Consumer buying behaviour | Collaborative Activity”

  1. Maria

    Thank you for your interesting post.
    If I got it right, Anthony Joshua and his advertisement for Lucozade was the main reason why you bought a few bottles of Lucozade.
    I watched the short-film “made to move” on Youtube and I have to agree that it leaves you with a strong feeling. First of all it is the music that activated my emotions and then, of course, the story of someone who changed his life completely and got strong and reached his goals.
    Celebrity marketing describes the use of celebrities in various marketing measures. Among the tasks of a celebrity in advertising it is the humanization of a product that helps to make an advertisement distinctive. Credibility, sympathy, quality and authenticity are important qualities that should be associated with the celebrity and the brand.
    Let´s stay with the first mentioned quality: Credibility.
    I did some online research about Anthony Joshua and most important about his sponsors. According to Sportcal, he has 26 sponsorship deals from television industry to watches over cars and supplements.
    In an interview with GQ he said “When I first started, the aim was to become a multimillionaire. Now I need to be a billionaire”. He already wear a 350.000 Pound watch, drives a Jaguar and Range Rover and travels with private jets.
    I would be interested in your thoughts when you hear this. Do you think “oh yes, that is exactly what motivates me” or do you think he loses credibility for the products he works as an ambassador for?
    When I see that a celebrity or an influencer is doing marketing for so many different companies, I lose the trust in them. And further, I lose trust in the product. For example, when I see an influencer on Instagram talking about a new face cream and swears it is the best cream she ever used then I feel betrayed as she is only saying it for the money and I cannot trust her review.
    What do you think about all this? Do you think there is a difference in only wearing the clothes of a company and talking active about it?

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