Evaluating reasons for using Nuclear Energy

need for Nuclear Energy


Natural resources have got much importance since their evolution. Their usage has been increased with the growing demands of human beings. For example, cooking & smelting activities of people gave birth to burning fossil fuels [  which produce a  huge amount of carbon dioxide ( CO2) ] to meet their needs. As result,  much addition in greenhouse effect & global warming is felt due to emitting eminent rays of CO2 in the natural environment. As Lombardo ( 2009) claims the increment in carbon dioxide in atmospheric pressure causes a rise in earth temperature. He maintains that sustainable measures should be taken to reduce the level of CO2 created by fossil fuels.  Bodnasky ( 2004) states that the evolution of nuclear energy in the twentieth century is a blessing as it provides cheap & clean energy. However, others held it ( CO2) to be a core responsible factor for various human diseases.

Reasons for using nuclear energy

(1) Alternative source of energy

Undoubtedly, fossil fuels, gas,  & oil are rich sources of energy; but these ways may be limited to fulfilling the unlimited requirements of the modern world. Mathew ( 2006) indicates that the rate of consumption of energy in developed countries per capita is approximately 4000 – 9000 kilograms. While in – developed nations its number is hardly 500 kilograms per capita income. He forecasts that if this rate continues to go high, it may reach from 12.1 million tons to 16. 1 million tons by 2030. Consequently, there will be a significant increment in the level of CO2 in air. Therefore, nuclear energy is supposed to replace fossil fuels to avoid such a serious concern.


(2) Limitation of other resources

Alternatively, wind & solar energies are two other options to place carbon dioxide. But their insufficient availability makes researchers more conscious to look for a variety of matching elements. Sterret ( 1994) argues that wind energy only can give 8 barrels of oil.  However, it will be unwise to rely on such an incomplete choice. Because, it is impossible to gain its energy during too high & so low pressure, as wind turbines are not capable of doing that. On the other hand, solar energy is also cheap & harmless but it can only be beneficial during day time. That is why these alternatives may not meet the expectations.

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(3) Rescuing levels of CO2

It is undeniable fact to lessen the quantities of CO2, SO2 ( Sulphur dioxide), & NOx ( Nitrous oxide) fresh air.  It is estimated that in 2003 in USA nuclear energy decreased by about 680 million of carbon dioxide, 3.4 million tons of SO2, & 1.3 million tons of NOx. Richard ( 2008) claims that from 1980 to 1987 nuclear energy became a reason for 34% reduction in CO2 effects.


Over past years, it is found that maximum use of CO2 results wide range of environmental issues.  Greenhouse effect & global warming are two common evidences to prove the claim. It is a need of time to make use of nuclear energy instead of fossil fuels to maintain a healthy survival.


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  1. Saif Ali

    Some serious,measurable and collective steps are required to be taken by the whole world to reduce carbon consumption. But nature has always alternatives whenever humans destroy nature. The same happen in the shape of COVID 19 which reduced carbon consumption used by vehicles and factories.
    It was quite informative article, looking to read more fascinating pieces of articles by you.

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