Metaverse and the hidden facts

metaverse and its hidden facts

It’s not been years, but, just a few days past that Facebook has changed the brand name into meta. It looks odd the first sight because it’s hard to believe that someone has changed what was settled for years. Analysts claim that it is all about the commitment and passion of changing the dynamics of the reality that we see in our daily life. It’s all about Mark Zuckerberg’s extreme affection towards the reality of a digital world.

What is Metaverse

It is not a new term, indeed we have been listening to this for years. It is actually the combination of two words known “Meta” & “Verse”. Here word “meta” means transforming. This term is also commonly used in Physics and metaphysics. Whereas, “verse” means shrinking. Now if we combine it, it gives a meaning that is related to something which says about reducing or shrinking the Earth or objects.

Mark Zuckerberg is not the one who invented this world. As told earlier that it is something that we have been listening since years. But, just listening and listening, never saw it happening in real terms. The word “Metaverse” is first used by Neal Stephenson in the novel that he wrote in 1990 known as “Snow Crash”.      


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