Quick life hack to boost up the activity of Netflix?

Quick life hack Netflix

Quick life hack Netflix | Netflix has become remote entrainment for the people who cannot be bothered to move from their cozy beds to the cinemas. In 2021, as the covid has affected the world drastically, people cannot afford to leave their houses during this pandemic. So Netflix has got their back by providing them with this opportunity to binge-watch their favorite tv dramas, shows, movies in their homes. As Netflix is a paid platform and friends do share their platforms which causes some slow activity.

Are you facing overload on your Netflix?

Here is a quick guide for how to kick off freeloaders from your account.

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Sometimes you share your Netflix account with your friends. But they share the passwords with their other friends and end up a hell of traffic on the account that the person who paid for it is unable to watch anything on it.

  • All you need to do is just go on Netflix and click on account, then simply navigate for recent device streaming activity, this will show all the devices that have been using your account.

This hack is for the ones who do not want to confront their friends to say, stop using their account.

  • Just go to the setting and click to sign out from all devices, and hurray! You are good to go and binge-watch everything on your Netflix without facing any trouble.

How to pin protect your screen?

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Sometimes when you share your account with your friends, they end up using your screen for watching. Instead of confronting them, well you don’t have to confront them. I tell you an easy hack.

  • Go to the account setting on your Netflix, and scroll down to your personal profile.
  • Click on it and then scroll down to profile lock.
  • Enter the lock pin of your choice and remember it for later use.
  • Woohoo! You are all set to use your profile secretly without getting interrupted by your friend.

To wrap up:

These life hacks are the most searched ones on the internet. Because people have shared their accounts with different people and out of courtesy, they don’t bother to ask them to stop using it. So here you go guys, apply these hacks and be happy.


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  1. […] Quick life hack to boost up the activity of Netflix? […]

  2. […] Quick life hack to boost up the activity of Netflix? […]

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