Amazon approved Pakistan in its seller list 2021

Pakistan Amazon Seller Amazon approved Pakistan in selling list 2021

Pakistan has finally been approved to be on the seller list of amazon. Amazon has officially announced to establish a platform in Pakistan and some other countries too. People who own a business or tend to start a business in Pakistan will get to avail the opportunity within a couple of days through Pakistan amazon seller.

What is Amazon?

Amazon is an international e-commerce platform to buy or sell products worldwide. It has a high-quality customer base. Because around the world, people sell their goods on this platform to any country. It acts as an intermediated between the sellers and buyers.

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FBA stands for Fulfilled by amazon which means, a seller will send its goods to the amazon then rest of the handling like:

  • Seller sends their goods to Amazon.
  • Amazon FBA will store your products.
  • Customers will purchase your products from amazon
  • Amazon FBA picks and packs your goods and sell to the customers
  • And lastly, shipment will be done by FBA to the customers.
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What hurdles has Pakistan faced before:

Sellers in Pakistan had to make accounts from other countries in which the platform has been established by amazon. Secondly, they need to send their goods to amazon through a ghost track which could even cause loss to their business.

What kind of opportunities will be provided to Pakistan Amazon sellers:

  • People can easily make their accounts on amazon from Pakistan without having any kind of trouble.
  • Now Pakistan can sell its products being made in Pakistan to different countries openly and can gain profit by selling in different currencies.

To wrap up:

Pakistan’s government has taken a positive step in making this possible by establishing Pakistan Amazon seller.  And Pakistan has been put into the amazon seller list. There are more opportunities for jobs for Pakistani people from now on. And this is the best thing any country could ask for.


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