Battle of 7-seater SUVs in Pakistan – Gofrixty Review

The Battle of SUV's Crossover in Pakistan

Battle of 7-seater SUVs – Gofrixty Tech Review | SUV stands for Sports Utility Vehicle; it has tougher look and a car similar to Wagon or minivan and reliable or suited for off-road driving. This type of car is high off the ground and has four-wheel drive. They are often come with front-wheel drive (FWD) but always offer an automatic system All wheel drive (AWD) as an option.

Best SUVs Crossovers in Pakistan

There are many Automobile companies in Pakistan like Kia, MG, Toyota, Hyundai, Changan, Honda, DFSK etc. They introduced many extraordinary features according to the market and sets higher competition in Pakistan’s Auto industry. Although the Automotive Industry Development is geared towards localization of vehicle production and the industry enhanced production and increase the battle of vehicle competition, so the increase in local assembled cars gets more interesting features with low price as compared to others.

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Kia luckily was the first to this segment in 2019 to introduce the local assembled Kia-Sportage. At that time, The CEO of Kia Motors Asif Rizvi mentioned that Sportage will fill a huge gap in the auto market since there was no local assembled vehicle with 2.0-liter engine as well as no local assembled vehicle’s available between 4 to 7 million prices at that time, as compared to other past vehicles like Toyota Land Cruiser/Prado, whose price was also quite high and it’s hard to afford. The company also introduced a base variant earlier this year priced even lower than Honda Civic turbo (sedan)

Revolution of SUV’s – Battle of 7-seater SUVs

Toyota Land Cruiser and Prado is always a fantasy of Pakistani people, but now there is many options for people to buy in much low prices.

Many Auto-Mobile companies launching SUV’s day by day with many good and reliable features.

New manufacturers in Pakistan are introducing new shapes and latest models of cars, which shows a sign of fast growing. As from the last few years we have seen many SUVs in the market


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  1. […] Battle of 7-seater SUVs in Pakistan – Gofrixty Review […]

  2. […] Battle of 7-seater SUVs in Pakistan – Gofrixty Review […]

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