Toyota IQ Review

Toyota IQ comes with a seating capacity of only two persons.

Toyota IQ was introduced in 2008 and discontinued in 2015 with its Toyota equivalent at that time.

The Scion IQ produced Toyota IQ, however at that time it was the answer of Toyota to other competitors like Mini-Cooper etc.

The Toyota IQ is the smallest two door with four seats in the market, In addition it is also the safest in its category because it was also gone through from crash test.

It has great fuel average of 23-26 Km/L and it has the capacity of 25L fuel in its tank.


The front of car having angular swept headlights, small grille and a simple designed bumper. It is different from other competitive cars or in its category.

The rear of car having swept taillights and it is a simple hatchback with outrageous look.


The interior of the car is different in looks with other cars in this segment, Therefore the quality of the material is really impressive.

The seats are mount with high quality fabric. The automatic climate control feature is also introduce in its simple or base variant.


It also includes power windows, power steering, power side mirrors and the feature of satellite navigation.

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It comes with 1.0L Petrol Engine with the power of 67bhp at 6000RPM

1.3L Petrol Engine produce 97bhp at 6000RPM

1.4L Diesel produce 88bhp at 3400RPM

It has 5-Speed Manual Transmission

6-Speed Manual Transmission and CVT Automatic Transmission

Toyota IQ Price in Pakistan

The price of Toyota IQ in Pakistan ranges from PKR 1400000 to PKR 1700000, which is very impressive for this type of car, as every car in Pakistan having price hike after a short period of time.

In my opinion, the price is really reasonable as compared to its competitive cars, However, the drawback of this car is non-availability of spare parts in local market of Pakistan.


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