Aye Musht e Khaak | Review

The IMDB rating of Aye Musht e Khaak is 8.2/10, it is present by 7th Sky Entertainment on Geo TV.

The main leading role is play by Feroz Khan and Sana Javed.

Both the main characters played their role very honestly and take the drama to its well deserving point.

The drama is written by Maha Malik and directed by Aehsun Talish.

Aye Musht e Khaak Story

A financially strong man, who does not believe in fate, meets a woman and falls for her. But she does not return the same feelings.

Therefore, He becomes aggressive and plays game of double-dealing to get her.

You cannot blame western values for spoiling Mustajab.

Mustajab is an atheist in this drama because his parents failed to teach him the lesson of Islam in his life.

Mustajab’s mother failed to teach him manners, respect and a belief system.

Mother and son lie and made a scheme to trap a girl into quick marriage without telling her about him and his belief system.

After marriage he will go to America to take care of his business, which is against the promise, He made with the girl.

Dua’s brother decides to get Dua married to his wife’s brother named taqi, but Mustajab decides to fake being a Muslim to get Dua back.


Dua starts wondering if she gets married to Taqi, she still remember Mustajab even after their divorce.

Mustajab turns to Allah, but this time it’s forever. He realizes that Allah is the only one who can help in any hard time.

In the end, He can’t be with her since he had now dedicated his life to God.

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Imam Sahab and other family members convinced Mustajab and Imam Sahab reads Dua and Mustajab’s nikkah, and they go happily to their home and both pray with each other.

The drama is based on love and having strong faith towards Islam

They don’t know the fact, that it is not allowed to be married to the same person after being divorced.

The title song is amazing and the background music is so electrifying and also suits with the Mustajab’s personality.


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