Is Petrol price decreasing in Pakistan?

Petrol price decreasing in Pakistan

Prime Minister’s decision to reduce petrol and diesel prices, however petrol prices have come down in the global market.

Now it remains to be seen how much the present government reduces petrol prices

And how much less is the burden on the shoulders of the people.

The government that is still failing, will it be able to give relief to the people?

Whoever the government is, just make better and better decisions for the people and the country, so that the people can live easily.

How cheap petrol will be?

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif asked for a summary from the Petroleum Division on how cheap it should be.

He further said that the government has been getting petrol cheaper from the global market, therefore the benefit of which is to give to the people.

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The finance minister has said that petrol can be cheaper today. The summary of the Petroleum Division will be sent to the Prime Minister.

Addressing the people at jalsa, Imran Khan said that the price of petrol should be Rs 150, because according to the price of petrol in the global market, the price of petrol should be Rs 150.


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