Holi is a greeting and Eid day for Hindus’

A girl celebrating Holi festival

Holi is an Eid day for the Hindu community. It is celebrated with colour, music, and dancing. People usually wear brightly coloured clothes and use celebration powders to make their skin glow. In some places, people also go out into the streets and throw colored water and coloured powder at each other.

The name “Holi” is derived from the Sanskrit words “Huli” (to smear) and “Lila” (play). Holi is celebrated on the day after the last full moon of the Hindu month of Phalguna. The date is determined by the Hindu lunisolar calendar and varies from year to year. Legend has given various definitions to the festival, but its main purpose is to celebrate the triumph of good over evil and to mark the end of winter.

Holi is about celebrating life and love. It is a time to get together with friends and family members, as well as the whole society. People often enjoy eating sweet and spicy foods, drinking various beverages, and spending time in the company of those they love. There are many stories about how the initiation of Holi got started.


Many claims that god himself blessed everyone with good spirits on this day. Others believe that the festival originated when two lovers, Rama and his wife Sri Lakshmi, returned after defeating the Asura king. They were so happy that they wanted to share their joy with everyone, and thus Holi was born.

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This day is known by various stories. All of these stories are directed towards happiness, the sharing of love, and peace. Holi is also a time for families to get together and have fun. People often enjoy eating sweets and spicy foods, various beverages, and spending time in the company of those they love.


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