The educational system of Sindh | A systematic review

The education system of Sindh

“Sindh has fallen behind the world in terms of quality education, as the demand for better schools is growing rapidly while the supply of quality schools is just not keeping pace.”

Education plays an important role in the development and prosperity of the country. The quality of education is the backbone of national progress. As Christine Gregoire said: “Education is the foundation of our future.” If we look back at history, we have an example. Japan, a country that completely declined after the war, but as the saying goes, “bless the brave”, defeated the failure with the help of education, and with the help of the most powerful education. The next resurrection. arms. If we dig further, we also have examples of China’s progress with the help of education.

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Today’s West dominates the world only because they have realized the vitality of education to prosper and develop. According to United Nations article 26 “Everyone has the right to an education”, the state of education in Pakistan, specifically in the province of Sindh is far from satisfactory.

Sindh brought any changes to the education sector, but it ended in catastrophic failure. According to the Education and Improvement Report Sindhi Education Statistics, only 45% of schools have electrical facilities, 57% of schools have drinking water, 63% have toilets, 61 have walls, and only 35% of schools are in good condition.


Although Sindh is the highest contributor to GDP, it still ranks second in terms of education quality. In Sindh province, only 47% of schools are supervised by teachers, 27% of schools operate in the classroom, among a population of 12 million, more than 6 million children are out of school, and about 50% of children leave primary education before completing their studies.

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The reasons behind this are insufficient governance/management, administrative problems and weak infrastructure. Another reason for the deterioration of the education situation in Sindh is that the content of the curriculum is outdated, and the syllabus taught by schools and colleges is the same as that of our ancestors. Today, people have landed on the moon, but we still adhere to the same teaching methods and examination system, which is a sad thing.

Pakistan has a lot of talents, but what is exciting is that the government seems the least concerned about the quality of education and the use of talents. Nothing is impossible, but the only thing needed is dedication and honesty. Youth is the pearl of national development. As Erasmus said: “The main hope of a country lies in the proper education of young people.”


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