EU leaders support EU membership propose

EU leaders support Ukraine’s EU membership bid

EU leaders support Ukraine’s EU membership bid, Ukraine’s hopes of all at once becoming a member of the European Union received a lift earlier, because the leaders of the European’s three biggest economies agreed throughout a visit to Kyiv, the capital of the Ukraine, that the country must get “immediate” candidate reputation.

But it is being estimate that this might be in simple words the beginning of what’s anticipate to be a long adventure toward accession for Ukraine into the European Union.

EU leaders support Ukraine’s EU membership bid

The country’s candidacy itself is something that might want to be agree via all 27 of the European Union’s member states, following present day fine signals from Germany, France, Italy and Romania. That could manifest at some point of a European Union summit on 23-24 June which does not look that far.

They might follow a negotiation level, therefore throughout which Ukraine may be request to conform to reforms which could be simply said as the prerequisites for the membership.


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Well, this could mean that the Kyiv might be request to sign up to a set of values that align with the European Union’s own.

Ukraine might be ask to take efforts

It would likely be request to stamp out corruption.

Some other hopeful joiners, together with some of Balkan countries, stuck on the negotiate level for years.

France’s President Macron, who has just made a visit to Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine said already that this could take more than decades for the process to be complete in Ukraine’s case and other EU officials have had the same thoughts just like the French President Macron.


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