Ether Currency Is Breaking All-Time Highs

In a recent research, analysts have given three most valid reasons of the ranking of Ether currency out of all the coins.

Here are three main reasons quoting from the analyst given below:

  1. “Increased institutional interest” which means in Canada, number of Ether exchange-traded funds have been established. Which causes the most exposure of the invest on the coin.
  2. “Strong on-chain signals” from the number of active wallets and transaction fees, it has been noted that the Ether coin has been invested the most by the traders.
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  4. “Upcoming upgrades” analysts have noted that, the transaction fee model of Ether currency will significantly change in July 2021.
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That’s all Ark invest had explained so far about the high ranking of the ether in the coin. What do you people think of it? What should be the main reason? Let us know in the comment section below.

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