Effects of Media for Social Change in Pakistan

There are some positive and as well as negative Effects of Media for Social Change in Pakistan.

Changes in human communications and connections that change social and social organizations is known as Social Change.

Positive Effects for Social Change in Pakistan

Degree of mindfulness

The degree of mindfulness has expanded. Therefore, Media has contributed a great deal in expanding the overall information.

Who will be who and what’s going on with everything informative.

Improvement Efforts of State

Media has aided improvement endeavors of state.

Inclusion of Earthquake, have contributed in projecting endeavors being made towards state advancement.

Development of Public Opinion

Media conversation/different projects feature the issues, have cross-conversations, and distinguish what are reasons/points of various vested parties/individuals.

Helps in Educational Efforts

Media is additionally utilized by the state/society/associations to advance instructive action.

Supports Democracy

Media upholds a majority rule government by drawing out the vote-based standards However, instilling something very similar in the overall population/nation.

Support to Public Issues/Affairs

Media gives perspective of the general population on open issues. Media has given voice to general society.

Employment Opportunities

The overflow of news sources has on one hand has set out part of business open doors.

However on different has presented difficulties to the media men to succeed in their fields.

Negative Effects of Media for Social Change

Moral Vacuum

The dramatizations, programs and so forth displayed on media glamorize all that they portray.

This has made an ethical vacuum and our more youthful age is disappearing for our qualities.



Western/Indian social attack has occurred through media and is penetrating Pakistan culture.

Our ads are portraying western qualities and causing a deficiency of public personality.

Not Developing National Image

Our Media is faulted for not creating/projecting our public picture.

Our nation misses the mark on characterized arrangement to advance public picture through media.

False Values

Pakistani Media is extending bogus qualities in its projects, and so on. The projection of family arranging, romantic tales in dramatizations.

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Pakistani media is additionally faulted for overpowering negative embellishment.

On occasion news are given without verification/affirmation.

Dishonest material/photos/scenes are displayed on our media.

Dangers to Socialization

We stay fixed to TV screens at the expense of socialization. However, We cut off our social exercises just to observe a few most loved programs on TV.


Our media sensationalize the issues/mishaps/episodes.

Our media is communicating each sort of data now and again in any event. Hence, compromising the precision and is making vulnerability.

Overloaded with Information

Pakistani Media is talking about so many of subjects are really assaulting the crowd with data. Therefore, Media has overwhelmed us with data.


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