The climate change & its impact on Pakistan

The climate change & its impact on Pakistan By Zulqarnain Jalbani

Climate Change is one of the major global issues and a big concern for the next generations all around the globe. According to the German watch Global Climate Risk Index annual report 2020, Pakistan is ranked in 5th the most affected countries by climate change. A few years ago Pakistan was in 8th number but the things have changed so quickly and they yet seem to be unstoppable if it is not being controlled at the ground levels. Furthermore, none of the government can control this climate change until individuals and societies start taking some measurable steps towards improving the climate and saving to nature.

Climate change is long-term weather condition whereas weather is short term condition. According to a different school of thoughts, this phenomena has been explained that Climate change or Global warming is nothing but a natural phenomenon. Furthermore, they added, because the earth rotates around the Sun that’s why some area of the earth has less temperature and some have a higher temperature. But, according to the NASA report, when the level of carbon dioxide (CO2) increases in the atmosphere at the same time the average temperature of the earth also increases. It means this not just a natural phenomenon. After that different school of thoughts and some Climatologist became agree that climate change is a cause of Green House effect.

Green House Effect & Climate change

What is Green House Effect? There are certain gasses like carbon dioxide & methane gas which trap heat on earth and disturb to the balance of the atmosphere. The increase in the level of these dangerous gases causes an increase in temperature on earth. It start more in the 19th and 20th century when industrial revelation started. The climate-changing faces today it doesn’t mean that it is the cause of coal which we have burned yesterday or in recent past. But, it is because of carbon dioxide and methane gases which already exists in the earth and we have just increased their current level by burning coal and crude oil since log decades.

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In our planet earth, everything is interconnected due to greenhouse effect oceans heats up and also affect wind & all these changes increase the temperature in global scale all around the world. Climate change impact most of on earth, melting of Glaciers faster rate. In northern areas of Pakistan have a lot of Glaciers, When the whole planet becoming heat up due to greenhouse effect, It also affects to melting glaciers and due to melting glaciers the flow of Indus River increase, 90% of the water flow into Indus river in Pakistan. In Summer, 3 months are very crucial for us in this period little change in the climate can cause a big inverse impact on the agricultural system of the whole country. Because Pakistan’s irrigate crops are mostly relying on the moderate flow of water in the Indus river. But now due to climate change, summer starts earlier and in the northern areas of Pakistan snow starts melting fast and It also changes the flow of Indus river. It can cause disasters much deeper of the things went on the same patterns for any longer. If water level increases in the Indus river before crops are ready to be irrigated, it will destroy crops of peasants, means to say all that food supply of Pakistan will go in vain. People can deal with this climate change in two ways. Number one is Mitigation and second is Adaptation.

Mitigation is that from now we have to cut down imitation of the greenhouse. Adaptation is that we have to think or learn how to live with climate change because climate change is happening whether we like it or not. So there are two best ways are that Pakistan needs to invest & educate to people, as people can understand this crucial problem in depth. Pakistan hasn’t so much availability of the climatologist experts and also have little research about climate change in the context of Pakistan. along with that, we have to change our irrigate of crops schedule. Climate change has now become a challenge on this planet. It is also civic responsibility of every person on this planet to better educate themselves and around them about the mitigation to reduce the imitation greenhouse gases and help spread the awareness.

The writer is Master in Business studies from Quaid-i-Azam School of Management Sciences (QASMS), Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad. Keeps interested in National, Regional and Global politics of Liberal thoughts and politics of possibilities. He can be reached at

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