Sri Lanka not in a position to host Asia Cup 2022 in the country

Chances are high for the venue of the Asia Cup to be shifted from Sri Lanka to UAE

Asian Cricket Council has decided to shift the venue of Asia Cup 2022 starting from 27-Aug to 11-Sept to Dubai and Sharjah. The decision came in the wake of an ongoing economic crisis that has shackled Sri Lanka’s economy. The cricket-lover nation is no longer in a position to hold tournaments because of rampant fuel shortages and other crises.

Until recent times, Sri Lanka was very enthusiastic to host the 15th edition of the tournament because it has successfully hosted a tour of Australia and is hosting Pakistan currently. However, SLC chief executive officer Ashley de Silva justified the decision to shift by saying that hosting 10 teams was not as easy as hosting 2 teams. Moreover, it was also next to impossible for the newly bankrupt country to arrange sufficient fuel for the vehicles of players, managers, and sponsors.

Another factor leading to this change was the necessity of arranging all the facilities for Indian and Pakistani cricket fans. Both teams, which are considered arch-rivals, are going to face each other twice in the tournament.


Hence, the venues of Dubai and Sharjah are considered the ideal location for this tournament. As the cities not only accommodate a huge chunk of the population from both India and Pakistan but also are rich in the provision of due facilities to teams, management, and fans.

UAE is hosting this tournament for the second time in the last five years. The last time it hosted the tournament was in 2018.

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