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Can a person without the art of utilizing time properly dream of glory? Obviously not! Time management is a vital tool that helps a person to divide her time among day-to-day tasks in her life based on their importance. Successful management of time vows monetary growth, risk and wide social links, sound health, a Routine and disciplined life, and attainment of happiness. Above mentioned perks portray that time management is as important in one’s life as time itself is.

Resultantly, time management is a highly valuable necessity of life.

1. Financial well-being

The first and foremost fruit of time management is financial success in life. A devotee of time management becomes able to erect a business and master a certain art and skills perfectly within the given time.  Once he/she has acquired his destiny, the dream of being rich becomes a reality. For example, Elon Musk has the status of being the richest person in the world only because of the skills and initiatives he developed with the help of time management.

2. Ensures economic stability

Besides financial soundness, time

Management also helps in building healthy relationships. Unfortunately, the age of social media has snatched the precious time of everyone. Even a spouse has barely any time to spend with his spouse. However, the blessing of time management distributes the time among certain spheres: working, entertainment, and meeting friends, spending time with family. In this way, social and familial relations become unshakeable with the assistance of time management.

3. Maintenance of health

The Health of a person is directly proportional to time management. The more time of a person is managed, the healthier he/she is. Sleeping for a certain time of 7-8 hours is necessary for the sound health of a person. More importantly, taking meals at an accurate time in a day of 24 hours also keeps health good. And all these are possible only with the help of following the rules of time management strictly. Hence, time management has a lot to do with health.

4. Discipline and order in life

Discipline becomes the norm of the day for those who manage their time properly. They have a certain number of tasks to do with effectiveness and within time. Hence, they do not get baffled and astray from their line of action. Their tasks are done one after another smoothly. Therefore, using time appropriately brings discipline in life.


5. Increase in productivity

Productivity of a person is sharpened by distributing one’s 24 hours categorically. Division of time in certain phases e.g. working, reading, going to the gym, playing games, and picnics polishes the productivity of a person. He becomes familiar with numerous varying activities simultaneously. Eventually, his creativity and speciality in multi-tasking go a level ahead.

6. Sense of joy in life

Life gets filled with consistent happiness, once a person uses time well. The Nervous system of a person has structured in a manner that his brain emits Dopamine, a chemical released in the brain when he/she completes a task with dedication and punctuality. Time management consolidates a habit of doing things orderly and properly.  A person relishes jubilances after jubilance in his life if he masters the technique of time management.


Time management is one of the best paths leading to the desired stage of a life. It rewards a person in the form of financial progress, sound relations, healthy life, discipline, and punctuality in routine and frequent occurrence of happiness. To sum up, time management is a sweet addiction every person ought to be addicted to.

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