TikTok to launch new screen time management tool

TikTok to launch new screen time management tool

TikTok to launch new screen time management tool, however it make easier for its growing community of users to manage the screen time.

Users will now be able to have regular screen time breaks, with the assistance of the new tools, enabling them to take full control of  their TikTok usage.

These new changes that TikTok has intention to bring in are monitoring and managing the screen time usage and the second feature is to bring a new digital health guide that is to be included into the TikTok security center.

How is TikTok going to launch new screen time management tool?

TikTok is planning to dispatch two unused pragmatic tools as a portion of its advanced well-being mission to form it simpler for its developing community of users to oversee the time they spend on the entertainment platform.

The latest tools will empower users to have customary screen time breaks, permitting them to stay in full control of their TikTok usage.

TikTok screen time management

The latest screen time dashboard will deliver TikTok’s inventive community data on how much time they are spending on the entertaining application, therefore counting rundowns on every day utilization and the number of times they opened the app.

Users can moreover select week after week notices to survey their dashboard and keep an eye on the time went through in a single sitting.


These prompts will remind TikTok users to require a break after a certain sum of continuous screen time, which they can set as per their choice and convenience.

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TikTok will moreover present week after week advanced well-being prompts for younger users. When users aged between 13 and 17 spend more than 100 minutes on the app in a single day, however they will get an update from TikTok almost utilizing the screen time restraint device the following time they open the app.

By bringing in the new screen time management tools, TikTok hopes to tackle the app emphasizing its users to take care of their health and manage their time while looking at how much they are using the platform.


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