When should the intention be made for supererogatory fasting?

supererogatory Fasting in Islam timing and meaning

The meaning of supererogatory Fasting

In Urdu supererogatory fasting means (فلی روزے  | Nafil Rozey). They can be performed on any day of the lunar calender year except some exempted days. They are not compulsory to perform. But, there is a great reward of performing supererogatory fasts. If someone is not performing, it has nothing wrong with the Shariah. As every Nawafil Ibadah is depended on every individuals’ own wish. So, if someone is performing, certainly they will earn some great rewards from Almighty Allah.

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It was a noble habit of Prophet Muhammad to offer supererogatory Namaz and fasts. As Allah Almighty has a special reward for every Ibadah a person performs with positive intentions.


supererogatory fasting in Islam

According to Islamic Scholars, The intention can be made to perform the supererogatory fast before the Shari’ah meridian (ie, between the time of Sadiq (dawn) and the time of sunset), provided that no action has been taken contrary to the fast after the time of Sadiq.

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الدر المختار وحاشية ابن عابدين (رد المحتار) (2/ 377)
”(فيصح) أداء (صوم رمضان والنذر المعين والنفل بنية من الليل)، فلا تصح قبل الغروب ولا عنده (إلى الضحوة الكبرى، لا) بعدها، ولا (عندها)، اعتباراً لأكثر اليوم”۔فقط واللہ اعلم

Source: Dar-ul-Ifta ', Islamic University, Banuri Town
Fatwa No: 143909201985
Issued on: 20-08-2018

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