DCL Opening Ceremony in Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium

Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium

DCL opening ceremony in Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium was held from 4 July to 7 July.

Many well-known anchors, actors and singers took part in this event.

Atif Aslam Pakistan’s famous singer also performed in this event, and made this event very enjoyable.

People enjoyed the event a lot and people were very eager to hear Atif Aslam.

Falak Shabir also showed the magic of his voice, however people enjoyed a lot with his performance.

Moammar Rana and Faisal Qureshi also participated in the event.

Matches in Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium

DCL is happening in Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium, however it is fail to get the public response.

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The management have to do advertisements so that people would know about it.

Not many people know about it, most people in Islamabad and Pindi don’t know about the matches.


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