Rise in Dollar and Gold Rate in Pakistan Today

Gold Rate in Pakistan rises today due to increase in dollar today.

In the interbank market, the dollar crossed 188 rupees, however the dollar rises from 187.53 to 188.45 rupees.

The dollar is likely to be more increases in the interbank market.

Dollar has risen by 2.76 rupees in the last three business or working days.

Gold Rate in Pakistan

The Price of gold reached the highest point in the country, therefore an increase of five hundred rupees in the price of 1 tola of Gold.

The price of gold per tola will be 1 lac 33 thousand rupees.

Price of 10 grams of gold has increased by 428 rupees.

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The demand of gold become more due to wedding season in Pakistan, moreover it is also affecting people’s business.

While silver prices in the market remain unchanged.

The gold rates are comparable all through the various cities with only one or two hundred rupees difference.


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