How much water should we drink in a day!

A person drinking water

Experts have changed the routine of drinking water, in which the amount of water has been determined correctly, new research has ruled out drinking eight glasses of water a day.

The practitioners suggest, on average, more than sixty percent of the human body consists of water, as well as about two-thirds of the brain and heart, eighty-seven percent of the lungs, one-third of the bones, and sixty-four percent of the skin.

Along with this, water is essential for the survival of the human body, water helps in maintaining body temperature, digesting food, expelling waste from the human body, and keeping joints and muscles hydrated.


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According to medical experts, in the rules of drinking water, the formula of eight times eight applies, according to which one should drink an eight-ounce glass eight times a day. If you are following this formula, it means that the body Getting the right amount of water.


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