Education is the Name of Creation

Education is the name of creation; Education is the name of character. Our education system is creating everything.

Education is the name of creation. This means that I can think new and create new ways.

Unless voices are raised against this system, generations will continue to receive lies in the name of education.

What we call education is not education but deception. What could be more deceptive than the fact that the criteria for coming to the first position are not character but numbers.

It is possible that Balha Shah did not get any degree but he is educated. It is possible that Waris Shah did not get any degree but he is doing PhD on his personality.

He himself has not read from anyone. If there is generational ignorance in my village So I am the first person who can think that this ignorance will no longer exist. Education is the name of character.

The people of the subcontinent have imprisoned the character in alcohol, adultery and gambling while these things are in the character’s role but not the full character.

A person who does not do his job perfectly is corrupt. He can’t but he is sitting on the seat. He is corrupt. There are many types of actors in the role.

Allah Almighty can forgive if you keep a personal circle, but He will not forgive if the professional circle is bad.

For example, a person who is very good in his personal life but takes bribe in the course of his work, is bad in professional work because he is negatively affecting the society.

Education is the Name of Character

Our Educational institutions cannot create character in children because there is no role in teachers.

It should be remembered that it is the character that gets the color by looking at the character.

The professional role of teachers is very low. There are a large number of teachers who do not know how to teach.

Our problem is that we just want to be good with good things even though it is not good.


The life of doing good things is very short. In comparison, the life of practical work is long. The job of the teacher is to create hope in the students.

It is the job of the teacher to motivate the students. It is the job of the teacher to make the students thirst for knowledge.

The Main job of the teacher to make the students believe in success.

If the teacher does not do so, then according to Abdul Sattar Edhi, educated ignorant people will be born in Pakistan.

The spirit of Islam is character. We have put this role on one side. There are a large number of people in our country who are doing the job they should not do because it is not their job. It is not halal.

If work is made halal, then work Knowledge is the lost property of the believer. Wherever he finds it, he takes it.

Before the death of Hazrat Bayazid, someone asked him how many people he had acquired knowledge from. He said, from thousands of teachers. He asked to mention only one teacher.

When they went to his town, it was dark in this town. I suspected that there was light on the corner of a street which was moving in one direction.

When I looked further, there was not a Jagnu, but a child with a lamp burning in his hand. I asked him what were you doing. The child replied, If a passenger is found in the dark night, It can make it easier for him. I asked, tell me where this light comes from.

He said that he was my teacher because he made me incomparable. This person then asked him who the teacher is. He replied that the teacher is the one in front of whom his knowledge seems to be inferior.


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