Get ready for another Pandemic of 2020 besides COVID-19

nand lal second pandemic yet another pandemic of 2020

another Pandemic of 2020 | Yes, you have read the correct line without any mistaken word. We are going to have another pandemic beside of Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. And that’s Mental Health Disorder (MHD) pandemic.

We are surviving with not only Covid-19 but also with the Anxiety, Depression, Loneliness, and many other mental health issues. Some people amongst us about ¼ of the total population have already facing psychological problems and such MHD problems. Remaining 3 parts of our population is living under stress and depression that leads to open the doors of many lethal medical conditions like Diabetes and Heart attacks.

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Due to corona, many people have lost their jobs, many are surviving only by eating onions/potatoes. Many have attempted Suicide and lost their lives and many have to go through, due to stress, depression, loneliness and fear of survival.

One day by the grace of God Corona’s Pandemic will become under the control of us but the other emerging pandemic will lead to decays to be controlled. If we follow some basic steps we will be the survivor of our Loved once.


Everyone either children, adolescent, adult or old age person is going through the same phase of the psychological condition because of corona and we have to take care of every one of our family instead, we are also under the same circumstances.

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We have to avoid negative thoughts and be straight forward with Positive mindset and make sure everyone around us is living like us. If not, then give them time to ask some questions about Current conditions and help them out to go through this time and after the control of the virus, we’ll be the same as before. And make them busy with jokes, storytelling, games, and other physical activities to pass time without getting stressed about the future.

Hopefully, we all will do our best to protect our loved ones by both pandemics.

Author: Nand Lal Meghwar is the graduate of Zoology from Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad).

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