Review of a Book Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

I recently read book Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. It was a historical fiction. It is a story of two sisters living in France who react differently to the war waging in their country. They both showed courage but in different ways.

Also, this one was based on a true story. It was about a woman who helped allied soldiers escape from Germany to Spain during World War 2.

But this book has more to it. It not only tells a very thrilling story about the girl but also at the same time it beautifully captures the emotional turmoil of people who have to live through those hard times.

Also, the character development is really good. You root for the people in the story. It shows what people went through to keep their principles and moral alive when even survival was difficult. It shows how love is strongest emotion in the world and if you have it in your heart you can survive anything.


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Personal Opinion of a Book Nightingale

It is indeed a commendable and graceful work by the author that fetches tears. Events can feel in front of the eyes. Some authentically described episodes bring goosebumps. It is a beautiful portrayal of French victims of World War II who celebrate victory for freedom.

This book really teaches you about what love is. When I came to read the book, I thought I knew the world but came out with a whole different perspective. This book really makes you feel like you are the characters and you visualized yourself the whole time during reading the book.

Amir Hamza Shaukat: Such News, Mass Communication NUML University Islamabad, Content/Research Writer.